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Old Master Q Giclée Print (21 x 29.7cm) 250g 《吹呀,吹!》

Old Master Q Giclée Print (21 x 29.7cm) 250g 《吹呀,吹!》

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1. 藝術複製畫/ 官方授權正版/ 250g,21 x 29.7cm
2. 獨立編號證書,鐳射標籤認證
3. 安全收藏包裝


文化瑰寶: 老夫子以其獨特的文化內涵和鮮明的品牌形象,成為了無數讀者的成長伴侶。
廣泛喜愛: 數億本的漫畫銷量和逾萬則的作品積累,證明了老夫子在全球華人社區中的深厚影響力。
國際盛譽: 作為唯一獲得國際藝術市場認可的華人漫畫品牌,老夫子與蘇富比和佳士得等著名機構的合作,彰顯了其藝術價值。

Old Master Q: The Timeless Charm of Classic Comics

Explore the world of Old Master Q, a cultural icon deeply ingrained in
our hearts since 1963. Our curated collection of Old Master Q products
not only embodies artistic essence but also serves as a testament to

Cultural Gem: Old Master Q, with its unique cultural context and
distinct brand image, has been a companion for countless readers’
Widely Beloved: With billions of comic copies sold and over ten
thousand works accumulated, Old Master Q’s influence resonates across
the global Chinese community.
International Acclaim: As the only Chinese comic brand recognized by
the international art market, Old Master Q’s collaborations with
renowned institutions like Sotheby’s and Christie’s highlight its
artistic value.

Each product is an officially authorized original, ensuring that
collectors and enthusiasts can experience the most authentic and
valuable Old Master Q. Let’s cherish this eternal charm together.

this set includes,
1. Giclée Print (21 x 29.7cm) 250g
2. certificate with a unique number and laser sticker
3. safety packing

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